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Springtime for Yu Yu Hakusho

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Oct. 1st, 2011 | 08:18 am
posted by: sekahyyh in yyhyaoi

I hope there's people here who are enjoying my site, Springtime for Yu Yu Hakusho! I'm trying to spread the word about a few different things I'm working hard on building for everyone, so everyone can enjoy them, and some people can participate, if the mood takes them!

The Fanfiction Repository

The Fanfiction Repository will be a page where you can find fanfictions across all different genres for Yu Yu Hakusho, on top of the recommendations that are already there. This is going to be an interesting section, and I hope people consider submitting their own fanfictions, or just bookmarking it and enjoying what's there as more and more content goes up (I officially have more authors agreeing than artists have, so there should be no shortage of content). Contact me if you'd like to have your fanfiction appear there, too! I can never have too much content!

The Forum

I'm unveiling this feature this morning, and I am super excited about it! This is a fully-functional, safe forum, and you'll be able to make groups, posts, have a cute avatar and submit your own profile, join groups, make posts, upload pictures into albums, chat with people, friend people, etc. Please do check it out! Since I only finished creating it an hour ago after a day and night of hard work, as of this post there's only one member. I'm really hoping people will find this a fun experience and take this as a chance to chat in the context of Yu Yu Hakusho fandom.

The New Gallery

I've been contacting artists from all over the world and every corner of the fandom for permission to host their pictures, and the Gallery is now functional and cool. I wrote an apology to artists whose work I used without their permission, which you can read through that link. As of right now, the site only has pictures I bought or received explicit permission for in everything from the background to the decorations. Thank you for being patient while I rebuild it, and if you're an artist or know artists who might be interested in participating with my site, please let me know (or comment on this post, or even just shoot me a message).


This is where I’ll be hosting essays on characters and pairings from the show Yu Yu Hakusho, by the fans who love them! And, again, anyone can submit an essay to me. If you've already written one or feel motivated to try, I'd love to host it! Thank you.

Thank you, sincerely, for reading this. This website is not-for-profit, and I'm covering hosting costs out of my own pocket. Your interest is the only reason this website exists.

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