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Yu Yu Hakusho Yaoi Community

Welcome to the Yu Yu Hakusho Yaoi! This community is for the posting of yaoi fan fiction, fanart, or discussion dedicated to the series Yu Yu Hakusho. What's yaoi? Yaoi stands for 'yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi' and means no climax, no point, no meaning. Basically, it's fanart and fan fiction that takes two guys and pairs them together romantically with, oft-times, very little plot involved. So, this community is for the posting of male/male fan fiction, fanart and discussion relating to Yu Yu Hakusho.


  1. Play nice. No flaming others. Flaming someone's comments, art, or fan fiction will result in deletion of the comment or post. If you don't cease, you'll be banned. Yes, that's you, Ms Troll
  2. Use an LJ-Cut. Some people may be checking the community from work or school. So, when posting a long fan fiction, a big picture, or more than a couple small pictures: use the cut. If you don't know what the cut is, it is < lj-cut text="More..." > < /lj-cut > without the spaces by < and >.
  3. This is not an adding community. Please don't make any posts in the comm. Directly asking to have everyone add you to their friends list. addmeplease is a great community to meet new friends. Or, use comments/PMs.

  4. Hide Adult Rated Material. Some people might be checking up on the community from work/school and might be uncomfortable about reading/viewing something potentially NSFW without warning. So, hide it with the cut, please.
  5. Memories. If you do NOT want your fan fiction or fanart logged in the memories, mention it in the post and it won't be.
  6. Stay on Topic/Don't Advertise. Please don't advertise for other communities or for e-bay items. Please, stay on topic. Yes, Hunter X Hunter is cool, but this a YYH community.
  7. Icons. Post away. If you're posting thirty, use the cut. Try to make it so that they have at least something to do with Yu Yu Hakusho.
  8. Fanart. Stolen fan-art is not permitted in this community. Link to the artist's web-site if you want to show something. If you want to post icons with fan-art in them, be prepared to have proof that you have the artist's permission. Not giving credit will be cause for ban.

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